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Painting Archives

These paintings have been sold.

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"Mild Winter"
Oil    6" X 12" 
"Cliff Creek"
Oil    8" X 10" 
"Wild Run"
Oil    30" X 40"
"Southwest Sunup"
"Waterfall Canyon"
Oil    9" X 15" 
"Red Roan"
Oil    12" X 9" 
"Belted Kingfisher"
Oil    10" X 12" 
"Sunup Near Craighead's"
Oil    8" X 10" 

"Portrait of the Messenger"
Oil    18" X 14" 
"Red & Green"
Oil    6" X 6" 
"Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch Haying"
"Mowing Hay"
11" X 14"

Mowing Hay.jpg (599548 bytes)
"Aspen Grove"
Oil    8" X 10" 
"Winter's Gift"
Oil    12" X 16" 

The painting is in the Grand Teton Collection at Moose Visitor Center in the Grand Teton National Park.

Wyoming Bison.jpg (176574 bytes) "Wyoming Bison"
Oil    7" X 14" 
"My Red Horse"
Oil    9" X 12" 
"Evening Ride"
Oil    8" X 10" 
"Lower Falls Of The Yellowstone" 
Oil    50" x 50"

Permanent collection at the Whitney Gallery of Western Art in the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, Wyoming.  

Lower Falls Of The Yellowstone.jpg (319121 bytes)
Shepard's Noon.jpg (474442 bytes) "Shepherd's Noon"
30" X 24"